Friday, January 1, 2010

9 Months.

We have reached nine months here in north Dakota. It sure has been a cold one. I don't think I have ever experienced this cold before. We also experienced our first storm.....we were snowed in for a couple of days. This month we got to celebrate the kid's birthday....I love to plan and give them a party. I still can't believe how time is flying by. They are growing up so fast. We had our first Christmas here. It was a very nice day. God blessed us with some company.....we were able to share our dinner with them. Amazing things happened with our company...we were able to share our faith with them and now it has ended up that we will be having our own little Bible study here at our house. I am so excited!!!
Jason has been still working alot....I don't know how he does it in this cold. He has two walls left and hopefully he will be working inside for the rest of the winter.
Isabelle turned 3 this month....I just can't believe it. She loved her birthday and Christmas this year. It was so much fun for her. She didn't quite get the whole Christmas idea...she always asked when we get to go see baby Jesus. This month my favorite is she loves everything. If we are getting ready to eat she gets excited and says "oh I love pizza" or whatever we are having. It seems like everything we do she "Loves". She has gotten pretty attached to her Dad again. She will ask when is he coming home and say " Mom I love my Dad" just melts my heart.
Gideon turned 2 this little bud is growing up fast!! He sure loved having his birthday party. Especially when we took the balloons down and he got to play with them. He was a little stinker this month with the Christmas tree, I don't know how many times I found ornaments under the cushion of the couch and I also got out of the shower and found some presents that were opened from MR. Gideon. My favorite this month is everything is "Cool dude".
It has been an emotional month with the holidays but God has given us so many blessing this month. We have fully enjoyed all our extra family time that we have been given to. It was so fun to do all the Christmas stuff with the kids and start our new traditions as a family. We look forward to see what this new year will bring for our family and We wish A very Happy New Year to all of you!!!!!


grandma and pa said...

Love's so wonderful to see you growing in grace and seeing how God knows our hearts and gives us the desires of our hearts...

Tripp said...

Happy New Year to you too! Three more months till a year, that is just crazy!

Robin said...

congratulations for being willing to share your faith -how fitting for the Christmas season!