Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Christmas.

Christmas eve morning we opened our stockings. The kids thought it was pretty cool to find goodies in a big sock as Gideon said.
Christmas eve night we had our cheese and crackers and watched our Christmas movie....Gideon did some talking to Aunt Ton.

Isabelle and Gideon got this train table from Grandma, Pa, and us. Jason and I put it together the night was so fun to see the kids faces when they came downstairs.

The kids sure did enjoy opening all their presents.

We made a nice big ham dinner and enjoyed two guests, we ended our night with cake for baby Jesus. It was hard being away from family but God blessed our day in so many ways.


grandma and Pa said...

What a wonder day. So glad we can celebrate His coming and all that it means...His life for our example and His death for our Salvation...and He is alive living in us who believe...His kingdom is here now on earth.

Tripp said...

A big sock, HA! That train set is AMAZING! They will get tons of use out of that.

Robin said...

i am glad you stayed safe through the snow storm and had a good family christmas!