Wednesday, September 30, 2009

6th Month

It has been 6 months here in north dakota. We have had another busy month. Jason's parents came to visit which was such a nice surprise. It was hard to see them go and an adjustment. We haven't had a whole lot of family time since Jason has started to work Saturdays. The kids and I sure miss him. It always makes me smile on Sunday morning when the kids get up and see their daddy in bed, They get very excited and say"oh daddy's home. We have made some changes this month. Jason has been looking for another job with some benefits and less hours. As he has been doing that I went looking too since we would of took a big pay cut. Jason found a couple of jobs that looked good,when his boss found out he was offering him more money,insurance,and a chance to get his CDL and an opportunity driving the pump truck. Well when all this was happening I found a job at the hospital with full benefits for the family. I would be cleaning about 4 hrs a night. This has been a very hard decision since either way we went it still wouldn't change that we don't have any family time at night. After talking to Jason's boss he said that he couldn't compete with the hospital insurance but he would pay for our daycare and give Jason some other benefits. After a couple of days of praying we decided that Jason will stay at Winn and I will take the job at the hospital for the insurance and to get a break from the kids. After hours of being on the phone for daycare I found a couple I was interested in. The kids and I went to check them out and we found the perfect one for them. It is a group daycare that she does in a building. It is set up like a little school. The kids have a schedule from 6:00am to 9:00 pm. This woman is amazing, after visiting with her and understanding that she does this for the ministry,I knew this was all lead by God. After leaving there I just sat in the driveway cring and thanking God for such a blessing for my kids, and it just amazes me how he works out all the pieces while I can't hardly sleep worry about it. I think it will be a good change. I will still spend all day with the kids,the kids will get to play and learn in a different environment for about 2-3 a day, and Jason and I will still be able to spend our nights together.
Isabelle is been quite the helper this month. We have been doing some baking and she gets so excited when she can eat it says "mom we made cookies,MM..they are good". She also has been helping discipline Gideon. She already has the mom in her!! I just love to wash here play with her dolls. She takes very good care of them. She talks to them so nice,feeds them,they seem to get hurt alot and she say"oh it is ok, I kiss it..all better. We have also been working on her letters,colors,numbers,and shapes. She has been doing so well with them. We also read bible stories everyday before nap time and this month after one of our stories she said" lets praise God Mom" I just started cring, Isabelle said"Mom no cry we just thank God now". That was the biggest reward yet!
Gideon has been quite the little stinker!! He is getting into everything. He wants to know how everything works!! He has learned to climb on everything in our house including on counters. He his favorite toy has been his little people's train. Every Friday when the garbage truck comes we have watch him. Gideon loves the trucks. My favorite lately is when he wakes up he says"mom I woke up,kiss now". He is such a little sweetheart. He is such a character!! He comes up with something new daily and makes us laugh.
It has been another great month. God has been good!! He continues to bless us and keeps guiding us here in north dakota. It amazes me how he works out all the pieces in our life no matter what the circumstances are. He is always faithful. I have learned nothing is too big for him!! We love and miss you all!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

My little Buckaroo!!

When we were in Michigan uncle Scott took some adorable picture of the kids. I just had to post this one of Gideon. Our little cowboy does this silly face all the time. It is my favorite!! Thank you uncle Scott for these adorable memories!!

Catching up on the news.

Isabelle found the Sunday sports section very interesting!!