Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Waiting for Daddy in the blizzard.

Jason got stranded in a north dakota blizzard

the kids were very happy to talk to him on the phone. He was in his truck for 12 hours so we called him about every hour.

The kids were very happy to get cuddled up in a blanky and watch a movie.

We ended up losing electricity...when that came back on the kids played in the bath with their bathing suits on.

Everything ended up ok and the kids had a goodnight even when the lights went out.

Fun in the snow.

Gidder has so much fun in the snow.

Gidder is climbing our big hill in the front yard.

Belle is crawling in the snow. She has gotton stuck so many times that she won't walk in unless Jason or I are walking with her.

Gidder is shoveling our porch.

Daddy and Gidder shoveling. We haven't had a whole lot of fun in the snow due to it being so cold. When we do get out Gidder has a blast and can't hardly get him back in.