Tuesday, June 30, 2009

3rd Month

I can't believe it has been three months already. We still miss you so much!! This past month we have experienced snow in June. That's right SNOW IN JUNE!! That was quite a shock. We also had our first visitor. My cousin Emily came to visit for a long weekend. It was so nice to see a familiar face again. We had so much fun with her. It was hard to see her go. Even the kids had tears. Isabelle will still ask when Em is coming home!!
I think that we have found our chruch home. I am so excited to start meeting some new people there.
We have also gotten to be friends with our neighbor. She has been such a blessing. Isabelle and Gideon love to see her. Isabelle goes over there and they read books together. Isabelle loves the stories. We have been thankful for some rain days this month. So we had some extra time with Jason.

Isabelle is getting to be quite the GIRL!! She is wanting to wear dresses daily and it has to be PINK!! She also has been wanting everything just so. Like she has to have her cereal in her princess bowl and her drink in her Dora cup. We have also had some problems with her taking all her clothes off (including her diaper). We found her in her crib like this for quite a few days in a row with a mess in the bed. One day we were playing outside and a guy asked me for some directions, with in seconds I looked over and found my Isabelle with absolutely nothing on. We have tried to potty train but she doesn't want anything to do with the toilet. So we are waiting until Isabelle wants to go on the potty.

Gideon hasn't had the best month. He is getting 5 teeth which include his eye teeth. He has been a little on edge.It has been nice for me with his teeth coming in, I get more snuggle time!! He is wanting more independence. He doesn't want me to do anything for him. It has been hard for me to let go but it is also such a joy to see him grow up and learn new things. We have been tyring to teach Gideon the animal sounds for quite sometime now, but everything still says "moo".

It has been such a blessing to watch these children grow up and how different personalities they have.
It has been a good month. I feel like I am getting more adjusted here. It is still hard being away from you all. It is also hard being apart from Jason so much. God has been good. We have been given many blessing. We will keep trusting him and living life out here in north dakota.