Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas 2011.

Happy Birthday Jesus...The one true God that has sent you....for we are in desperate need of a savior....he provided. I can't imagine that sacrifice. I am so grateful of his ultimate gift. May God have the Glory....who gives all.
May you all receive God's love and on this Holy day see His glory. Merry Christmas!!

Christmas eve.

The kids got a bag full of oatmeal and sparkles from school that we were suppose to sprinkle on Christmas eve for the reindeer to find our house and to give them a little snack. While they were sprinkling it Isabelle said I don't think Santa comes to my house so it is still a mystery at our house.

Christmas cookies.

We had a busy day getting our Christmas goodies all ready. The kids mostly enjoyed cutting out the cookies. We shared some of our goodies with some of the elderly in town. The kids were so proud that they made the goodies and that they got to share them with others. Isabelle did say I hope we are saving some for us and of course we did.

Daddy Junior.

Gidder is ready to go to work with his Dad. He has gotten a love for only John Deere tractors and farming. Gidder always say's he want's to drive his John Deere like his Daddy.

Charlie Brown's Christmas.

The kids had some friends over and laid in a circle and read charlie Brown's Christmas.
This book was sent to them by their Grandma and papa from has been their favorite Christmas book this year....Thank you Grandma and papa.