Friday, October 12, 2012

Painting pumpkins.

We painted our little pumpkins.

Threshing show.

 Isabelle and Gideon watching the parade.
 There was over 100 old tractors in the parade. This steam engine was Isabelle's favorite.
 Of course this was Gideon's favorite...the old combine.

 This was my really reminded me of the prairie days.
This was the threshing show. This is how they would thresh wheat before they had combines. It was quite interesting. It was a fun day.

Field trip to the pumpkin patch.

I got to enjoy going to the pumpkin patch with the kindergartens. It was a very cold day but we still enjoyed it all.

Halloween cake.

Here is our beautiful Halloween cake we made.

Fun in the leaves.

We had some fun times  in the leaves this year.

Fall pictures.

Corn Maze.

We went to the  corn maze. We all enjoyed the maze until we got turned around. Isabelle and I were happy to see the end. They learned to shot a bow with Danny a man that Jason works with. Jason was a little sad that he wasn't there teaching them. He was home fixing our shower. They also enjoyed a wagon ride.  A nice Saturday venture.