Sunday, December 6, 2009

8 month.

It has already been eight months here in north dakota. I am a little behind on my journaling. I have been getting caught up in the busyness of Christmas and getting ready for my babies birthday's.
It has been an emotional month. I have alot of anxiety about the holidays. Thanksgiving went alot better than I thought. Everyone called us which helped out alot. We made our first thanksgiving dinner.....It was good!!! We did some crafts with the kids, enjoyed our dinner,finally after nap we got out of our pj's. A friend came over and had pie and visited with us for a while. We also decorated the Christmas tree. It is our first artificial Christmas tree...there isn't any tree farms out here, Jason is big on cutting one down, so he said if we can't cut it down we should go to artificial. The kids had so much fun. It has been so amazing watching them grow up year by year.
We have enjoyed the outdoors alot this month. It has been just a beautiful month...miss the colors. We had some beautiful colors but we don't have much trees out here.
Jason is still working alot. They are building a pizza ranch....I am so excited, we don't have a whole lot of choices out in my town for out to eat...I LOVE PIZZA RANCH!!
Isabelle is growing like a weed. I just can't believe my first born will be 3 in a month....were did that go? She is such a big helper with cleaning,wash,dishes,and helping with Gideon....she is always making sure he is behaving,at the dinner table she is constantly telling him to eat. She is wanting get herself dress. My favorite this month has been she will come up to me and put her little hands on my face and say"Mom I love you" than she will go back to what she was doing and come back in a few minutes and does the same. It just melts my heart!! We made a turkey out of paper and put feathers on him and wrote on the feathers what Isabelle was thankful for,we hung it on the wall. Isabelle was thankful for the outdoors,kitty cats,God,toys and family. As she gets older I love seeing things threw here innocent eyes.
Gideon is growing like a weed...not much baby look to him anymore. He has such an much fun watch him grow up. He tries so hard to keep up with his sister...he wants to do everything she is. He is tyring very hard to get himself dressed too. I have had to do a little more house proofing...he figures out everything. My favorite this month is he will tell you something and at the end of the sentence he will say "huh"(mom daddy's at work huh). It is so cute. He is just a little ham....I don't know where he comes up with half of his stuff. He has been really into getting dressed....especially if it has an animal or a truck on it. He brings me 2-3 pairs of PJ's before bed and wants to were them all..he gets very upset when only gets to wear one.
I have so much to be thankful for, as it was hard being away from our family this holiday God blessed us with a wonderful day with our children and he has given us his strengh. We have been blessed with such wonderful family and friends that love us so much all the way out here in north dakota. We send you all our love!!