Saturday, December 19, 2009

Isabelle's 3rd Birthday.

My little girl is three.

She got a strawberry short cake doll for her birthday....she wouldn't let it go all night, Our cake lover gave up her cake so she could hold her new doll.

She was very excited to blow out her candles and wear the birthday crown, she just lit up when we all sang to her.

Of course we had to lick the frosting of the candles.

I just can't believe that I have this sweetheart for three years already. There was a time when I thought I wouldn't be a mother, we got surprised with this beautiful miracle that has changed my life. I love that Isabelle is so thoughtful and always concern about others, I love her imagination with her dolls and cooking, I love her excitement on the little things in life, I love that she loves to give everything hugs and kisses (her babies and even her brother). It has been a joy watching her grow up into this sweet little girl. She continues to bless me everyday.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas cookies.

We made our Christmas cookies last weekend
Isabelle and Gideon had fun helping roll out the dough.

They had fun with cutters....Isabelle wanted Lot's of snow mans.

Gideon did alot of his cookies with sprinkles....he also sprinkled alot more than the cookies. It was sure a fun morning in the kitchen with the kids!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gideon's 2nd Birthday.

My sweet little buddy is 2.

We had a little birthday party for the kids last weekend and he just loved his new bike.

He helped make his cake this year, he was very excited to have cake and wear the birthday crown.

He blew out his two big candles all by himself.

I don't know where the last two years went. I can clearly remember rushing to the hospital two years ago in a blizzard....remembering his sweet little face for the first time. It has been a absolute joy watching this sweet little boy grow up. I love his laughter,his humor,his imagination,his love for animals and trucks,and absolutely love how he is so cuddly and wants to give everyone hugs and kisses. As I am a little sad that he is growing up and doesn't have any baby to him anymore I feel very blessed by my little man!!