Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Easter 2011

This Easter was a huge blessing. We thought we would invite our friends in town that don't have family here...then our friends from dickinson called and said they were coming to town to visit their family so we invited them too, Then at the last minute a Joann's brother came by so we pulled out another chair. We ended up with three tables in the houses with guests.
All the kids gathered up and did a egg hunt.

It was so much fun to watch.

Isabelle got a whole bucket full. She especially liked the Dora eggs.

Brendon helping little Gidder up to the tree. It was an amazing Easter. I wasn't so excited about Easter this year because we didn't have any plans but at the last minute God revealed his plans. I am starting to learn that I need to adjust to change. I have always celebrated Easter the same way for 30 yrs. Tears still run down my face of how God opened his house to share Easter with friends that didn't have family to celebrate our eternal life with him.

Easter day 2011

It was a beautiful Easter morning...we went to the park in town to take some pictures.

Not quite sure what the kids were talking about but Gidder looked pretty interested what Belle was talking about.

Running down the bridge.

Silly Gidder giving kisses.

We can't quite get Gidder to do anything but goofy faces.

Easter party 2011

They had an Easter party in town here for the kids

The kids has alot of fun.

Gidder taking a little rest.

They had lunch for the kids...Gidder loves his hot dogs. The kids didn't want to get their picture taken with the Easter bunny.

Easter eggs 2011

We painted our easter eggs this year.

Gideon enjoyed it alot more this year.

We ended up with some nice painted eggs.