Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter egg hunt.

The kids enjoyed their egg hunt. We all had a wonderful get away and enjoyed family time before Jason gets busy. We saw alot of beautiful country and had alot of laughs and enjoyed a wonderful Easter with each other even though we were away. As I reflect on Easter...This perfect love that God has for us that he sent his only begotten son. His son paid the ultimate prize to save my life so I may have eternal life with him. To God be the Glory for all he has done!!!

Easter 2013.

 We were in south Dakota over Easter. We went to a near by park to take pictures and have a Easter egg hunt.

It was a different Easter this year being away from home. We were able to enjoy an amazing church service there.

Our getaway to south Dakota.

 We stayed at a hotel with a water park for the kids.

 We went to go see mt. Rushmore. It was so beautiful. The kids even enjoyed it.

 I found the hills and lakes beautiful here.
 We did some shopping in downtown.

Our Easter eggs.

We were all had a stomach bug but we still enjoyed painting our Easter eggs.

Spring dance.

Isabelle had her spring dance. She has really enjoyed this class this year. It is so fun to see her dance to her heart's delight.

Snow days.

We still have been having fun in the snow at the end of march.