Sunday, January 31, 2010

10 Months.

We have reached 10 months already. It is getting very close to a year already.....I just can't believe how time is flying by. It has been a very nice month, we have had alot of sunshine and alot of beautiful days to play outside.
Jason and I were able to go on a day date. It was so nice. We dropped the kids off in the early morning and headed to Bismark to do a little shopping and enjoyed a nice lunch together. We took the scenic way home and it was absolutely beautiful. It was so wonderful to spend all day with Jason has been too long!!
We are going to be starting a Bible study at our house next week with two other friends....very excited about.
I have gotten some new opportunities this month. I was going to start volunteering at the kid's daycare this month, she called and asked if I wanted to work there instead. I have been working there for two weeks now. We go in the morning and leave after lunch. The kids love it and it is so nice to get out of the house. I am still not quite sure of it but I know God guided me here for a reason. I have also gotten close to to a friend out here. I have enjoyed going out for coffee with her the last couple of Friday nights. She has started her own business and has recently asked me to do her book work for her.
I have been a little overwhelmed and confused this month with so many new opportunity's and not knowing where God wants me at. I came across this message this week....which I have on my kitchen cupboard to remind that he is in control and he will keep guiding me to where he wants me.
" Have no fear all is well. I can see the future, I know better than you what you need. Trust be absolutely. You are being led in a definite way, and others who do not serve your purpose will be moved out of your path. Do not plan...I have planned, you are the builder not the architect. Trust me for all and literally depend on me for everything." So I am going with the flow and keep on watching where God takes me.
Jason has had a couple of half days on Fridays this month. He has been enjoying that a lot. They are still pretty busy at work. Jason"s boss had a little conference with him this month and Jason said everything he said was better than any raise he has ever received.
Isabelle has had a very exciting month. We moved her into her toddler bed. I remember to clearly putting her to bed that first night in that bed......looking at my sweet little girl, tyring so hard not to cry and thinking where has the time gone!!! Then Innocent Isabelle says" Mom you don't have to cry I will go to bed now".
Isabelle got an interest with the potty when she got her new bed. I was so excited because she has been so hard to potty train. I haven't been able to get her on the potty for anything. It has been a struggle and we have been some bad days. She is doing very well.....we haven't had an accident for 5 days now and she has been staying dry threw her naps and it has been two nights now that she has stayed dry. She has also found a new friend at daycare. His name is TJ. She calls him her boyfriend and she will tell you all about him.
Gideon has had a little harder month.....he is going threw his terrible two stage. We have experienced a lot of tantrums. He has been very interested in his puzzles and books this month. My favorite this month is when he does something for you and you haven't said thank you yet he will say " thank you mom.... your welcome". Even threw his tantrums he always makes us laugh..he is such a joy.
It has been a good month. God continues to love us and guide us. We miss and love you all.