Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our new home in dickinson,north dakota

This is our upstairs powder room.
This is miss Belle's room.

This is little Gidder's room.

This is our love nest.

This is our cozy living room.

Here is our dinning room.

Here is our kitchen.
Hope you enjoy the grand tour of our new home in north dakota.

Chocolate Maddness!!!

Today we made chocolate pudding. It was a perfect day for some indoor fun. It was chilly and rainy. Before we moved to north dakota my wonderful cousin made be a box of envelopes for 21 days. It has been the most wonderful gift. Every day I get so excited to open one and it is always what I need for the day. Today was a little note and a box of chocolate pudding. The note said to let the kids finger paint to their hearts delight. I wasn't so sure about it with the mess and all. It was perfect!! They had so much fun and had a nice treat!! Thank you cousin for our chocolate goodness on such a gloomy day!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Our Easter adventures today were going to a new Church. We has a Church all planned out but we got very lost!! I guess God wanted us at Break free Bible Church. It was a very nice service. We didn't feel at home there so we will try something new next week. The kids had a great time in nursery. They sang songs and had a bible story. We went out for a nice Easter dinner. It was a beautiful day here in north dakota so we were able to play outside and have a nice family walk. As we have celebrated this joyous day knowing that we have eternal life with God and someday he will be back, it has also been hard to be away from all of you. You all have been in our hearts and we love you all very much. We hope your day was filled with many blessings as ours was!!

Painting our easter eggs!!

Saturday night we got to paint easter eggs. At 29 I still get the thrill of painting eggs. Children sure bring out the kid in you again.
Gidder wasn't quite sure what to think of it all. He had alot of fun until he cracked the shell and spilled the paint all over himself. It was all over for him. Needless to say he got his bath.

Belle had so much fun. She did such a nice job. She always picked purple so we ended up with alot of purple eggs. When she got done with an egg she would say "momma I did it" she was so very proud of herself. If you don't know already Belle loves to do paint so this was amazement for her that she got to paint an egg and not on paper. On Easter morning the first thing she said "we paint eggs now ok".