Sunday, April 12, 2009

Painting our easter eggs!!

Saturday night we got to paint easter eggs. At 29 I still get the thrill of painting eggs. Children sure bring out the kid in you again.
Gidder wasn't quite sure what to think of it all. He had alot of fun until he cracked the shell and spilled the paint all over himself. It was all over for him. Needless to say he got his bath.

Belle had so much fun. She did such a nice job. She always picked purple so we ended up with alot of purple eggs. When she got done with an egg she would say "momma I did it" she was so very proud of herself. If you don't know already Belle loves to do paint so this was amazement for her that she got to paint an egg and not on paper. On Easter morning the first thing she said "we paint eggs now ok".


Tripp said...

Ummmm I love that she chose purple all the time. LOVE HER!

Sandy Schut said...

I think I'm finally getting it will have to go back to the first pictures to get my first comment....that went through just checking to see if I can do it twice in a row. Belle you are going to be a little painter like your grandma. Papa said I love you all and grandma does too.