Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our new home in dickinson,north dakota

This is our upstairs powder room.
This is miss Belle's room.

This is little Gidder's room.

This is our love nest.

This is our cozy living room.

Here is our dinning room.

Here is our kitchen.
Hope you enjoy the grand tour of our new home in north dakota.


Kari said...

It looks very nice Sarah! We miss you....

Tripp said...

It is so nice for me to be able to picture where you are when I am talking to you. I especially like the LOVE NEST, HA!

Robin said...

what a CUTE home!! i am SURE you will be happy there!!!

Sandy Schut said...

when we left your place after dropping off all of your earthy possesions...not one thing was in is so nice to see all the work you did to get all the rooms in your home all put together looks real nice Sarah.

Your Uppercase Living Demonstrator said...

Hey Sarah!! Oh I am so glad you have a blog, and I am so happy to hear you are doing well!! I am so sorry we didn't say good bye :O( I didn't know you had already left until it was too late :O( Looks like those walls could use some cute Uppercase Living :O) hehehe LOVE YOU GUYS!