Wednesday, July 29, 2009

4th month.

Wow!! It has already been 4 months in north dakota. It has been a little harder month. We experience a tornado in our town, which was so sad. We also went up to Michigan because my grandmother had a stroke. I am very sorry we didn't get to see you all. We didn't have much time and wanted to be with grandma as much as we could. She has been a wonderful blessing to our family. It was sure nice to see our family again. The kids really enjoyed seeing everyone two. It was hard for us to leave again. I am glad that we got the chance to come back. Since I have been here in north dakota I have not always felt like we were at home and going back to Michigan made us realize that our home is in north dakota right now. We still miss you all and wish you were with us.
I think our little Isabelle gets more and more girly every month . This month she has been asking to go shopping quite a bit. She has a shopping cart so when she can't really go shopping she pretends to go and puts everything in it!! She has been doing really well with here ABC's and colors. She always was our SHY girl and how has she changed!! She goes up to anyone and starts a conversation. It has been such a blessing watching her grow but it also has been hard to see my little baby get so independent.
Gideon has been quite the little guy this month. He has been coming up with new words daily. My favorite is "mom I dance" then he turns around and around until he gets so dizzy he falls down. He sure is a funny little guy. He is standing up to his sister more and more. She was always able to get away with quite a bit. Which means more fighting and crying. He has also discovered how to get his diaper off. I can still remember the day he was born and can't believe how the time has gone by so fast!! He has changed so much but the one thing that hasn't changed since birth is he still loves to eat.
It has been a hard month but God has been awesome!! He has been so faithful. I have been starting to see things a little clearer in my life and have grown to know how God works out all the pieces for his plan. Since we have been here I have been scared and always wanted to know if we would ever move back to Michigan. I have learned that I don't have to be scared anymore that God will keep on guiding us to what he has planned for us. We love all you very much and we thank you so much all you support!! It is such a blessing to have such wonderful family and friends!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday party in a box.

It was Jason's birthday July 7Th. My family is big on birthday party's. My wonderful sister didn't want him to miss out on a birthday party,so she sent him the party in the box. We all had so much fun with it. The kids just love it!! Especially Isabelle who just loves cake. So she pretends to blow out the candle's and eat her cake and of course she has to eat it on her Dora plate. Thank you so much Aunt Ton for being so thoughtful!!