Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday party in a box.

It was Jason's birthday July 7Th. My family is big on birthday party's. My wonderful sister didn't want him to miss out on a birthday party,so she sent him the party in the box. We all had so much fun with it. The kids just love it!! Especially Isabelle who just loves cake. So she pretends to blow out the candle's and eat her cake and of course she has to eat it on her Dora plate. Thank you so much Aunt Ton for being so thoughtful!!


Tripp said...

Uh what fun!

Grandma Sandy said...

Way to go Aunt Ton what a clever idea...we just got back from vacation and it's been fun catching up on the Schutty's family adventures...the tornato pics brought back memories of when I was a little 6 year old girl...our whole family went though a tornato except Tammi, Phyllis went though it but she was still in my moms tummy it's something you never forget. Wish I had pics so I could show my kids and my grandkids.