Friday, May 29, 2009

2nd Month.

It has been two month's already in north dakota. It is still hard being away from all of you but the time seems to go fast. This month we have been able to see a little more of north dakota. The more I see the more I get amazed. As everything is blossoming it is getting more and more beautiful here. I think the weather has turned around here. The past month there were alot of days that I thought we were getting ready for winter again. We have meet some nice people in our neighborhood. That has been a blessing!!
Jason is still working long hours. There has been few days that he has been home before the kids go to bed. We had a big disappointment this month. We came out to north dakota for a foreman position. Jason was going to take it over this month. A couple of weeks ago Jason came home and told me that his boss hired the old foreman back. We were very discouraged and wondering why God sent us here. I was ready to pack up and go home. After talking and praying for a couple of days we decided that we needed to keep trusting God that he took us out here for a good reason and knowing that he always takes care of us and how he works everything out for the good.
The kids have had a good month. They have been off and on sick. We have been discovering new parks. We have 3 favorites right now. As Isabelle and Gideon are doing and discovering new things everyday, it has been hard not being able to share them with you. Gideon is growing up so fast!! He is talking like a little toddler, he wants to do everything that Isabelle does (including playing dolls and he has to have a purse if Isabelle has one. I am working on getting a man's bag!!) He is amazed with the outdoors. It is all new to him again. I defiantly can tell he is a boy he loves to make messes outside with the sand and dirt and that boy has no fear.
Isabelle is talking so much more. I find myself having little conversations with here. Her age is getting so much fun!! She still will do anything to get you to read to her for hours!! She is a big helper!! She is always very concerned about Gideon. She just started buckling Gideon and herself in their car seat. She wants to do everything on her own. I love this a age right now that Gideon and Isabelle get so excited about the simplest things. It has made me think how I take so much for granted.
It has still been hard for me this month. I feel like I am starting to adjust better as time goes by. It has been hard this month with Jason's job. I have questioned many times where God was. I have realized how faithful God is. It sure doesn't seem to get easier being away from you all but we have been given many blessing. The one blessing that I am so thankful for is I find myself spending more time with my children here. There still are alot of time they drive me nuts but it is nice spending this extra time with them. I have faced some of my fear this month. I am not a driver!!!!!!!! I get alot of anziety driving on differant roads. So this month we wen't to bismark, I drove and it wen't great. I also drove to new england with the kids to have a play date. Overall it has been a good month. We miss and love all of you very much!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

We saw alot of buffalo in the park. This one was right in the camping area. It was about 10 feet away from our car. Isabelle said "oh big buffalo!".
This a prairie dog. I think they are just so cute!!

We went to medora on Sunday. Medora is about 30 miles west of Dickinson. We went threw Theodore Roosevelt national park. Oh was that ever a treat!! We went threw the camping area and saw alot of wildlife, there is a 36 mile paved trail threw the badlands. We didn't make it threw it all . We saw some buffalo,prairie dogs, wild horses, and some deer. The scenery and the wildlife was incrediable!! We got a seasonal pass to the park so we definitely be back. We wish we could share this awesome experience with all of you. It is definitely a must see if you come out to visit!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

First date.

We went our first date last night. We found a wonderful college girl to watch our kids. We decided to go to killdeer and go explore. Killdeer is about 35 miles south of Dickinson. We went to the little Missouri state park. We found amazing badlands!! We went up and down trails and roads for about an hour and a half. There were miles and miles of the badlands. This was one of the most magnificent creation we have seen so far in north dakota. These pictures do not show the true beauty of these badlands. On our way back to Dickinson we saw alot of wildlife along side of the road. I get more and more amazed of this beautiful state and the different wildlife.