Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Isabelle loves these dandelions. ...she picks them and gives them to very thoughtful.

Isabelle's Graduation.

This graduation/open house was a little more difficult for me. My baby is going to kindergarten all day every day. Having a hard time entering this new season in my life. Isabelle had a good year and has really came along way..very proud of her.

Gideon's open house

 We had Gideon's open house. They sang some songs they learned.
 They sang the dinosaur favorite.
Mr. Gideon and Mrs. Ruud,handing him his book with all his crafts and memories he did this year. Gideon has done really well this year...he has been very proud of being able to do his name. Very proud of you buddy.

Nana's visit.

Nana Came for a visit in April. Isabelle enjoyed getting her nails done by Nana.

 We celebrated nana's birthday and had some good cake.
 Jason took us all out fishing. I think Nana enjoyed the boat better than ice fishing.
It was sure a nice visit.