Monday, May 25, 2009

Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

We saw alot of buffalo in the park. This one was right in the camping area. It was about 10 feet away from our car. Isabelle said "oh big buffalo!".
This a prairie dog. I think they are just so cute!!

We went to medora on Sunday. Medora is about 30 miles west of Dickinson. We went threw Theodore Roosevelt national park. Oh was that ever a treat!! We went threw the camping area and saw alot of wildlife, there is a 36 mile paved trail threw the badlands. We didn't make it threw it all . We saw some buffalo,prairie dogs, wild horses, and some deer. The scenery and the wildlife was incrediable!! We got a seasonal pass to the park so we definitely be back. We wish we could share this awesome experience with all of you. It is definitely a must see if you come out to visit!!

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Tripp said...

What beautiful pictures.