Thursday, April 12, 2012

Three years.

Well I can't believe it has been three years. When we first moved out here I didn't think I was going to make it a year. Well I will say it is probably the most hardest thing that I have had to do. God has been good. He has taken me step by step with this journey. It has been very painful to try to go forward with so much fear of money due to what happened in Michigan and the loss of my relationships in Michigan. Slowly God has taken of layers of fear and hurt. Alot of tears and asking God why? Why did I have to loss our home and start life all over from the bottom. I have learned so much these past years. This faith experience has been so good for me. When we left Michigan we had two kids to provide for and we had no idea how things were going to work out for us. God has reassured us of his unconditional love and forgiveness. I have learned to talk to God more and realy on him for everything. Sometimes I have felt so alone and God has healed that too. As it says in Deuteronomy 31.6. Be strong and not be afraid or terrified for the Lord your God goes with you. He has shown us that we have never been alone. He has provided every need from someones help to someone just to talk to. All our financial needs meet. This last year God has talked to me alot about how life is so short and we never know what the next thing he is preparing us for. I would of never thought that I would have this story to tell about our loss and all the miracles God has done...and that I live in north Dakota. We never know where life is going to take and what we may go through but I am trying to do more trusting and more letting go of the worry and enjoying my family.......this life is going by too fast. God has been good to me. Before we moved out here God lead me to a passage...Jesus said "take heart I have overcame this are conquerors threw Christ Jesus. God has reminded me over and over we have over came Sarah. With all our trials and difficulties, and fears he has overcame. So I can say I am so thankful for our trials and can finally say without tears everything happens for a reason and we have never been alone. God keeps on guiding us. God has been good to us. As my Grandpa would say It is all good.

Jason is getting into his busy season. I love to see his excitement in the spring so anxious to get out in those fields. Jason got a boat this past year so he is pretty excited about getting some fish and taking the kids out...maybe he will even let me come. It is a blessing how much he loves his job.

I am doing meals on wheels and a little of cleaning. I am able to take a leave of absence at the hospital for the busy season to be home with the kids. Jason went to hourly instead of salary. It was a very scary transition....we weren't prepared and it was going to be a big cut in pay during the winter but Jason was being led to change and Said now we will see what Jesus will do and he provided all our needs this winter and how glad I am that he did has been alot less stressful for me.

Isabelle is doing very well in school getting all ready for kindergarten. She is so excited to go to school everyday...(not me). She has a real love for here babies and barbies. She takes them everywhere and loves to dress them. She is a very good little mommy. She loves to be mommy to Gidder too.

Gideon is doing good. He has done very well in school this year. Just learned to do his name...he is so proud of that. All the shyness has left him. He is a talker...not sure what side he comes from. . He is our little funny guy. He loves the cars and John Deere. Very fascinated with tractors. Everything has to be John Deere.

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Tripp said...

I don't know why the barbies cracks me up :) Can't believe that it has been three years already.