Sunday, March 13, 2011

It has been awhile.

It has been quite awhile since I have blogged. We haven't had the Internet since we moved. Last June we moved to Garrison,nd. We moved right by the lake. Jason took a new job in max,nd. He is working in the agronomy business. He had to get his custom applicator license and his CDL license. He loves his new job. The spring is hard....alot of hours but otherwise he is home alot more than he was.
God has placed alot of miracles in our life. We were able to purchase a home when we moved. It has been such a blessing to have our own house again. The kids have a nice back yard again.
The kids are getting so big!! Isabelle started preschool this year. It has been such a blessing. She has really blossomed since she started school. Learning alot and her social skills have grown so much, also she has always had a fear of new people and new things and that has gotten alot better.
I had to go back to work since we moved. I went back to CNA work. I am working at the hospital in town. It has been a good transition. The kids go to daycare. Dorthy and her family have been a big blessing to us. The kids love to go to her house. They have made some friends there and love to help Dorthy with the little baby. They always have lot's of stories to tell me on our way home.
It has been a good move.
We have some hard trials and have had to make some hard changes but God continues to protect us and bless us. He has brought alot of wonderful people in our path and we have found a wonderful small Church. It is still is hard being away from all our friends and family. There is so much I love about our small town and God has done so much in our life's since we moved to north Dakota but I still ask him the question "WHY" . I may never know. He keeps telling me be strong and courageous. So as it is hard to be away from all the people we love so much and wish you all could watch our children grow up, we ask for strengh everyday to keep going forward. I will start to post some pictures here soon.

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Tripp said...

so glad you are back, can't wait for some pics.