Sunday, November 1, 2009

7th month.

It has been 7 months here in north Dakota...can't believe it!! It has been a cold month, we have had some snow. It has also been a very busy month here. I started work and the kids have gone to daycare. The kids love daycare. Isabelle has made a friend there, she talks about her almost everyday. It was really hard for me at first dropping the kids off but it has gotten has been such a blessing knowing that they are safe, having fun,and that they feel security there. I have enjoyed getting out to work. It has been a big change being gone every night. This week I got our new prices for insurance from my work and the insurance went up 280.00 a month...which came out that I would be making 6.00 a week an income. I have been very discouraged and wondering what to do here, since I enjoy being home with our kids but needed to get health insurance. After alot of praying,talking to our family and pastor and some bible searching we feel like God has something else better plan for us and we have complete faith that he will continue to guide us to our next step. This has been a very hard decision for me since I have enjoyed getting out and the kids do love daycare but God has given us everything we have prayed for in Jason's job. The kids are still going to go visit their friends at daycare 1-2 mornings a week and I have decided to volunteer there and the kids can come with me. Jason has been still working long days and Saturday's. He got his foreman job. He has been pretty excited with all his new responsibilities. We are looking forward to the upcoming months when things slow down at work.
Isabelle has been really blossoming with her talking. She has became quite the funny little girl. It has been a fun month with her and Halloween....everyday she asked"mom can I be a cowgirl today". It has been a joy watching her at daycare too...she plays so nice with the kids,there is a baby there and I have been told she is a big help and always runs to her when she cries and tries to give her pipe or blankly. I had to take the kids to work one night because they were sick and Jason couldn't get home early. Isabelle was so proud that she was at work. She kept saying"Mom Belle's working" she is running around the room.
Gideon has had a hard month with some sickness. He had a very bad cold which led into a sinus infection and a ear infection,we also got the H1N1 flu and he got it the he hasn't been quite himself this past month. He has been the smuggler this month. Gideon is talking more and more.....I think he gets funnier by the day. He was really into his Halloween costume....he loves his boots and hat. His favorite has been his little peoples barn and his farm puzzle that makes noises.
It has been a good month. God has given us so many blessing with Jason's job and showing me where my place is right now. He has given us alot of guidance and clarity this month. I know that everything is in his time and he is always faithful. We miss you all very much and send Lot's of love.

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