Friday, September 18, 2009

Summer fun.

We are still enjoying our lunches out on the picnic table.
Our silly little Gidder. He got some new boots. They have been attached to his feet since we got them. He also loves his life jacket when he gets to wear it for pretend.

Isabelle has been on her bike alot this summer. She is doing so good on it. It has been such a fun summer with the kids. They have been exploring new things. I will be very sad when we can't go and have our lunches out on the porch.


Tripp said...

Love Gidder in his life vest :)

Grandma & Pa said...

So glad Isabelle loves riding her bike and that she still can! Tough little bike! It's been through a lot and it keeps going and going and the energizer bunny. :)