Friday, August 28, 2009

5th month

It has been five months here in north dakota. Time is just flying. This past month has been an another adjustment, as we were with our family for a week and we were all together as a family for a week and we had to get back in the swing of things again. It also has been so hard to be away from my Grandma. I have been able to talk to her on the phone but it is just not the same as giving her a big hug and seeing her beautiful smile. As many of you know my grandma has been very special to me. She holds a big place in my heart!! My grandma has always been so giving to others and of herself. She always put others needs before herself. She always made be feel so special and so loved. Her family was so important to her and was so very proud of her family. I have learned about unconditional love, being a wife and mother, being a servant for God all from my grandmother. She has always has a strong faith. I miss and love her very much. It is so hard to see your love one change in seconds but we trust God that it will all work out in his plan. I just pray that God will bless her during this time.
We have been pretty busy this month. Jason is working alot. We just found out that he will be working on Saturday starting after labor day. We are not to happy about it since we don't get any family time during the week. It will only be until November. I have been doing a little cleaning. I also started watching a four month old baby. It has been nice having a little more to do and the kids just love. My little Belle has became quite the little miss mother hen. She is very helpful and she gets very upset when the baby has to go home. Gidder has done well with the baby too. He will sit really close to her and say " hi baby". It is just too cute!!
Isabelle this month has gotten into strawberry short cake alot. She wants to watch her movie every day. She also has been really into her babies. She now has to sleep with them and take them everywhere. I love it when it is bedtime and she says's " mom baby has to lay down now". She always makes sure they eat and now they are having dirty diapers. "oh mom baby is stinky". She also just loves her purses. If we forget her purse we have to go back and get it or she gets very upset. I just love her imagination.
Gidder is just growing up so fast. I have been enjoying the last couple of weeks, he has been wanting to cuddle more and give his mommy more kisses. I see the boy in him more and more everyday. That kid has got some high energy!! He has learned how to climb up on my high bed,he has gotten some BO Bo's. It is so different than Belle, he has no fear and he get's into everything. My favorite phase has been "NO DONT". He says it in a very Stern voice.
It has been a busy and emotional month but God has been given us so much of his strengh and his peace and we are very blessed for that. We love all of you and miss you very much!!


Tripp said...

Five MONTHS!!!! I can't believe it! Grandma knows you love her cousin!

Tonia Butterworth said...

I miss you all so much but I love it when you post things about the kids and what's been happening! Thanks so much for keeping us updated! Love ya sister!