Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dakota Zoo

We made it to the zoo in bismark this past weekend. We have been wanting to go for quite sometime but every time we go to bismark the weather has not been very good. We all enjoyed it very much. Gidder was a little scared at first but he warmed up to it. Isabelle loved it. She is defiantly an animal lover like her father. It was a very neat zoo. They had alot of different animals like moose,elk, reindeer, and buffalo. They also had the normal zoo animals like lions, tigers,bears,camels, and of course the cute monkeys.


Tripp said...

I am so glad that you guys were finally able to make it there. How fun!

Grandma Sandy said...

I love the puddle pictures, and it must be that time of the year to want to go to the zoo cause Brooke has been asking me if I want to go to the zoo with them and Brendon wants to go real bad I guess we will have to find time to get to a zoo too. It's hot here this week but I guess it's summer.