Saturday, June 27, 2009

Closet readers.

Here is Isabelle and her Daddy doing their nightly reading in the closet. They usually close the door,put the light on and do their reading together. This closet has became no ordinary closet. It is Isabelle secret place where she shuts the door on Gidder and reads to herself, it is their play place where they both go sliding down the ramp,and it is our reading place with Isabelle. I do love children's imagination.


Grandma Sandy said...

When I read I need a quiet place where no one can bother me too...I never thought of the closet...mine are so full I wouldn't fit! Maybe grandma needs to do some closet cleaning...imagination is wonderful. With TV and all the vidio games or what ever they call it need to use their imaginations more...Great idea Isabelle and daddy. Gidder you look great even in yogurt.

Tripp said...

What a lucky girl Miss Belle is to have a fabulous Daddy who will sit in a closet and read her books.

Aunt Tammi said...

Jason, it's fun to see you as "daddy"! I like being able to read about what is happening and seeing pictures of the kids. I want to wish you a "happy birthday" today. I hope it is a special day and you have some time to celebrate. Please give the kids a squeeze for their "Auntie Tam" and one for Sarah with my love. Love you, Aunt Tam